Different Types Of Measuring Droppers Available

Posted by Admin on April, 17, 2020

The Pasteur pipettes, popularly known as measuring droppers and eye droppers are used for transferring small quantities of any liquid. These droppers are a glass tube which is tapered to a narrow point and has a rubber bulb fitted on the top.

Some of these droppers are manufactured specially with a combination of the Pasteur pipette with the rubber bulb which is commonly called as the test pipettes. These droppers come in a variety of lengths and are sold in huge quantities. The idea of dropper was named after the famous scientist, Louis Pasteur. It is because he used this type of pipettes in his researches extensively.

Earlier, there was no specific equipment which could be used for transferring the chemical solution from one place to another without exposing the liquid to the external environment. Usage of these droppers helps in retaining the hygiene level and the purity of the chemical compounds for gaining a proper result out of the experiments.

What Are The Different Type Of Droppers?

There are two basic types of droppers, namely, the glass and the plastic droppers. These are sterilised and plugged carefully using a rubber bulb at one end of the pipette. This helps in preventing all types of contamination from the external environment. These droppers are comparatively cheap so they can be easily disposed off. The glass point can be easily disposed off too. If the glass point does not get chipped, the pipette can be easily washed and reused as many times required.

The idea of eye droppers is also used in the case of pens. It is used in the fountain pens are to be refilled using some Pasteur pipette.

Types Of Droppers

These days, there are two types of droppers which are generally used in the laboratories.

• Glass Droppers: The Pasteur pipettes are made using borosilicate and soda-lime glass. The borosilicate glass type of droppers is mostly used as the laboratory apparatus as it can withstand the chemicals and the extreme high and low temperatures of the laboratories.

The borosilicate type of glass is comparably very economical as the glass can be easily fabricated when compared to the other types of droppers. The soda-lime glass droppers, though not chemically strong and resistant like the borosilicate glass, are considered as a preferred material because it is an inexpensive apparatus.

• Plastic Droppers: The plastic Pasteur droppers are popularly known as the transfer pipettes. They have their stems and bulbs, which is entirely made using a single piece of plastic. These droppers come in a variety of sizes and capacities starting from 1, 2, 3, and the 5 ml size having an average drop size of 10, 20, 25, 35 and the 50 µl.

The volume of these droppers is distinctly marked on the stem of the dropper. The markings are usually crude but not much accurate if compared.

These droppers are inexpensive and easily disposed. They are widely used for avoiding situations like cross-contamination. These droppers are used for medical and laboratory uses. These pipettes are easily available as several measuring droppers manufacturers in India are up providing best quality products at a pocket-friendly cost.

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